Praying when when I’m laid up with a cold

Prayer: having had my share of getting sick at least once a year, I know it gives me time to slow down and be reflective..and to pray as if I got nothing better to do. Although when I pray while I’m sick, I’m going to mentally think my prayers out to you, as if you’re the ultimate mind reader, and that you are, and that means I can’t be typing or speaking. And I’m finding it to be a better way to fall asleep than counting sheep or whatever other techniques are out there.

Yes, it makes me wonder when will this be over and I can be well and get on with my life. I don’t like being sick. I know you’re the great physician. And you can heal instantly, just as you can heal over time. Any healing ultimately comes from you.

Maybe this isn’t great science, but it seems to me that if a person is on the borderline of life and death, all the chemistry and biology is essentially the same when the person is alive versus when the person is not. When a person stops breathing or the heart stops beating, that’s it. I believe it points to you as the one who is the giver of life and you are the one that gives each person each breath. Sure, medical help can assist in many situations. And that’s a good thing. Again, it shows me how fragile humanity is.

Shorter Than Usual

Now that I’m sitting up and typing to pray, I find I don’t have much stamina to be praying explicitly and clearly. When I’m lying down, I can scroll thru the timeline of my life and recall memories. As I remember people, I wonder what’s happened to them. Some of them I actually jot down as someone I can contact in this new year and reach out and maybe meetup. Others I just thank God for the time we had during a season of life.

Let me get some more rest. I’d sure like to wake up fully healthy. But it’s up to you, God, how much longer you want me to slow down and stay in slow mode. My heart’s desire is learning patience. I’m not going to grab for distractions or temporary pleasures that don’t please you. I’m waiting on you.

Thank you for being my shepherd. Thank you for making me lie down in a comfy bed. Your goodness and mercy follow me every day every moment.

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