Could one more thing go wrong?

Would you believe something else painful happens this year, and we’re only into the 2nd month? R was trimming a long viney & leafy plant (Golden Pothos), like she had for months, maybe years.

But this time, it fell over and hit her right on the forehead and left a goose egg bump! Ouch! Thank God it was just a bump. We got to urgent care in time last night before it closed. She got checked out okay. She slept through the night okay. The swelling from the contusion has shrunk, to a point that you wouldn’t know it had happened if you didn’t read this update.

Wow. That was a scary moment. Oh goodness. Please pray for R returning to the classroom to teach, this Thursday March 3rd. Pray for strength, endurance, wisdom to pace herself and know what she can do for the rest of the semester. Not too much, not too little, just right. Thank you.