yet another emerging church book

Practitioners: Voices Within the Emerging Church is yet another emerging church book. [Anthony Bradley found a book at ETS that explains the difference between emergent vs. emerging] The publisher’s website describes it as:

What does it mean to be missional in today?s postmodern world? Does it require creating a new structure for the Church, going back to an old structure or imagining something entirely different? What does this mean on a practical level? Join the discussions among practitioners of the emerging church, jumping right into the middle of questions being asked in churches today. How do vision statements fit in with being a missional community? How do we become stronger leaders? How do our job descriptions intersect with how God sees us? How can we better handle creativity in the Church? What about the place of the Church for the younger generation? Whether you?re new to the discussion or looking to go deeper, Practitioners provides much food for thought. Be a part of this continuing conversation.

Participants in the conversation include: Pete Greig, Craig Detweiler, Doug Pagitt, David Ruis, Spencer Burke, Dan Kimball

See the blog [apparently stalled midstream], book excerpt, and brief book review from Rick Stillwell.

Elsewhere, some kind of precedence was set with the launch of, which was just a blog aggregator with open comments. But, the sources, that published its content freely via RSS, was not happy. The aggregator explains, and there you can follow the ensuing heated exchange.

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