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I’ll be launching a new blog at the eQuip channel of next week, and to the many who visit my personal blog here, you can click-through to a sneak preview. This is graciously sponsored in part by my job there, for which I’m grateful to be contributing more of myself and my voice. In other words, yes, I’m going to be paid to be a blogger, at least, part of my salary, anyways. 🙂

As a part of my new emerging role at (an internet ministry of American Bible Society

Thank you to the faithful readers of this blog, who have enriched my life, in both virtual and physical relationships/friendships, by joining me in dialogue and conversation over the years (blogging since 1997).

Trivia question of the day: what is the word most used in conversations?

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  1. danny yang says:

    if we’re talking about our tremendously individualistic country, then it must be the word “i”