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What is it with people who have such strong opinions + feelings about politics and religion? Hung out with a new friend last weekend, and found it fascinating that both of us were not dogmatic about politics or theology — he noticed it first.. I thought it was just me all along.. it’s not that we don’t understand the issues, both of us are quite knowledgeable in theology, and with politics in varying degrees.. can “see” more than one side of an issue, and the complexity of things.. and for me, I don’t want to run over people with my opinions or convictions (this isn’t to say that I don’t have any; maybe I don’t have as many as some others; and this isn’t to say that I haven’t had my moments once a while).. so it felt good to not feel so alone + marginalized for once.. so now with Schwarzenegger

elected + soon to be running Cali, my thoughts aren’t so political, but cultural.. the world today values celebrities, and pay them homage, and thus they are the powerful people of the day, along with businessmen.. and is it not surprising to me that major political figures are increasingly dominated not by career politicians, but businessmen and celebrities (cf. Ventura, Bloomberg, Forbes, Perot, et al), and as it would be.. they are among the powerful, and those are the “official” power positions.. and they’ll do well even without political experience, b/c it’s more about the ability to connect with people, to persuade, to communicate to the masses, and to negotiate.. celebrities and businessmen can do those as well as any politician.. political science is no real science anyways..

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