work is work

got into a dialogue about work, for me work is work, even tho’ I am passionate (or opinionated) about certain topics; I’ve copied portions of the text here, which is deep-linked in the comment section of timliu’s blog::

djchuang-> I think it’s more of the reality of work, that work isn’t supposed to be necessarily satisfying or make a person happy or fulfill a person’s dream. Work is work! If you were to ask those in the previous generation(s) about whether they “loved their work” or “how would they rate their work satisfaction”, they’d probably give you a funny look at the irrelevance of that question. Work is there to provide income to meet your needs & make a contribution to society.

While a childhood dream of being a ballerina is wonderful, and could be a person’s passion, that may not translate into a viable job that pays for ones livelihood. How many ballerinas do you know get to do that for a living? How good would you have to be at something to get paid enough for making enough to live on? A person can have a deeply passionate personal dream, but isn’t the best at it, s/he can’t have it as a career, but surely & hopefully, can pursue it as a hobby.

a little suprised to hear your ‘work is work’ viewpoint, since you seem particularly passionate about the things you are involved in generally.. also wondering if you experience with ministry had any effect on your view, for positive or negative.

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