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Being stuck out in the sticks at a place outside of Houston called Trinity Pines last weekend, I didn’t have readily available access to wifi Internet. Technically speaking, there was an open wifi signal at the campground office 2 buildings over, but in the midst of cold weather and a packed schedule, I didn’t feel like lugging my laptop over there. Plus, there were so many great conversations to be had at that conference, and great conversations are hard to find, even for me, and I’m looking for them high and low, all over the country for them.

I had wanted to make a coupla blog posts while in the moment there, but wasn’t able to do that. Certainly have yet to figure out how to do it on a WordPress-powered blog like this one is, and I’ve tried a bunch of things to no avail. And I’ve just checked again, and it is not yet possible to post via email on WordPress.com.

However, you can use https://m.wordpress.com/ to blog post with a compatible mobile smartphone! So there you go. Gotta bookmark that in my Blackberry Curve. Had I known that, I woulda made several live blog posts over at the L2 blog as the conference happened. [update] couldn’t get this to work via the bb built-in browser, but it works great with the Opera Mini browser!

Now, I’ll have to blog in retrospect as I find time in the next week or two. And, just made last-minute plans to make a trip up to East Bay this Saturday for the ISAAC‘s Consultation for East Bay Chinese Churches and to make a site visit at Bay Area Chinese Bible Church (a 50-year old church pastored by a 4th-generation American Born Chinese and has a Chinese Christian school). Very grateful for that opportunity, where I’ll be presenting about reaching next generation Asian Americans. I hope to share the slides and the audio post-event with you.

Right now I’m playing catch up at work, since I’m 3 weeks behind(!), having taken 2 weeks off for holiday vacation and then another week being at the Render conference. It was an incredible time for me personally, and I would mark it as a personal milestone for my growing in self-awareness and being more comfortable in my own skin.

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  1. September 23, 2008

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