wild woman gives out free ice cream

I think Jen wouldn’t mind being called a wild woman, or a wild mom, since she has called her own children “wild things“. (if I have to apologize like Steve Jobs, may it be minimally painful.)

Jen has an effervescent life source from I don’t know where, and has more than 1,001 wouldn’t-it-be-awesome ideas. So I almost missed how this idea birthed in her Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If… post:

the ice cream truck guy could have an angel investor who would enable him to pass out free ice cream unannounced at least once this summer?

And then it happened, today! This wild woman gives away $155 worth of ice cream in less than an hour yesterday! Can you say spontaneous combustion of smiley delight? Wilder than any corporate-sponsored free ice cream day.


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