Wild At Heart conference

loggin? in after an invigorating weekend at the Wild At Heart National Conference (here in DC), and I think the distinctive of their ministry and message is how they?re able to articulate that Christianity is freedom for the human heart, and the glory of God is man fully alive! [and humankind, by inference] Notably different from the message often heard in many (most?) Christian churches and ministries, that presents a picture of it as being doctrines, or tips & techniques, or mandates, or commitments to make, or promises to keep, or rules & responsibilities, or moral purity and holiness.. it?s much more soulful and energizing to tap the heart and to set it free!! (and let the rest of the package of kindness, compassion, moralness, etc. follow)? he introduced some other deep and raw concepts, such as: every man carried a wound (or several, actually), a man?s heart has desires and passions that can be dangerous for the good, those desires are the calling of God.. and he was vulnerable enough to say that after Friday night, he had a hard time falling asleep b/c he was wrestling with thoughts of inadequacy – wow, happens to the best of them. Good to know what spiritual warfare actually looks like in real life.

So after years (okay, a lifetime) of introspection, and some leaps of faith and action, it comes to this: yes, I?m a broken person, I freely share my pains, struggles, failures, and inadequacies, but what will I do with it? What will I do with who I am? We all have to persevere and fight our personal battles and overcome challenges and hindrances; will we call out the courage given us by God, and find the faith to take the risk to chase our dream? To be dangerous for good? To heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free?

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  1. Beautifully stated. And I love the writings of John Eldredge. It’s true, it is indeed time we stopped worrying about the “rule book,” and started living the “play book.” Blessings.