WiFi disconnect

hailing from Seattle for this blog entry.. came out via transfer point in Denver – first time I’ve touched ground there.. but it was a very short moment, and the banners announcing their wireless internet access just outside of the gate as I deplaned (and briefly waited for my replane), I had like 15 minutes to get online and check it out.. first a brief pit stop, then like 5 minutes went by waiting for Windows to boot up, the Link light lit a happy green, and launching my MSIE for the grand moment.. a big welcome to a.. [yet another] paid wireless internet access! UGH!

then this morning, discovered the Best Western I’m staying at [with a great view of the Space Needle] has high-speed wireless internet (WiFi) access too, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the Link light on my wireless card was green, Net Stumbler showed a definite signal, but MSIE took a coupla a tries to connect up.. and then, a big welcome to another(!) paid service.. ppppfffft. Thus I’m using dial-up. 56k like the old days.

so many different WiFi brands: T-Mobile at Starbucks [where I first WiFi’d, you never forget your first time..], AT&T at Denver Airport, whatever-brand here at the hotel, each charging its own rates and monthly plans. Somebody with deep pockets might pony up, but if they’d really want to create the revolution, they need to talk to each other and consolidate.. a number of dial-up internet companies eventually shared their modem pools, making the subscribers to each respective customer happy, and every provider can boast of their larger service availability.. how long will they hold out? even ATM’s have worked out their alliances, and they’re dealing with cold hard cash..

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  1. no one in particular says:

    sensless rambling … this isn’t the mind of dj chuang. why is it advertised as so?

  2. Tim Keel says:

    That is so lame…busting someone and then signing your name some anonymous tag…I totally agree on the wifi stuff DJ…once you’re wired it’s really hard to go disconnected

  3. rudy says:

    ya know… pay it, deej… how much is it? isn’t it per night? well, depends on how much work you have, too…

  4. Gar says:

    Rates here in Seattle are pretty insulting… I don’t blame you for avoiding the plans. Them companies are pretty insidious, they’ll hit you up for all you’re worth…=P