why I love Chicago, except in winter

I love cities! I’ll be in Chicago until Tuesday for a conference and a couple meetups. Love the culture here with great food, arts, music, neighborhoods, skyscrapers, public transit, vibe, et al. Haven’t lived here, only occasional visits every few years. What do you love about Chicago?

I would type more, but iPhone virtual keyboard discourages lengthy prose. But, I’m standing here at Chicago O’Hare airport, stranded with 100s of others bc of flooding. Shuttles aren’t running. So I’m not going anywhere. And I’m not on wifi bc that’s behind a virtual toll booth, i.e. you gotta pay beaucoup $.

update 1049a- 1 staffer said airport transit is running, and can take us off the island! Chicago here I come ! … when all said and done, got in a rental car at 1157am. had landed at 845am. A massage and jacuzzi sure would be sweet .

Will have dinner with blogger friend Dan Brennan for the 1st time. You could say we met online. 🙂 There are few Christ followers who advocate the richness and depth of cross gender friendships- wish there was a better term for man and woman being non-romantic real friends.

leaky roof inside O'Hare airport

[aside 3:40pm] Now in hotel room. Looked for news about the airport flooding, which wasn’t very news-worthy, just a couple of paragraph mentions in local news, couldn’t find any media photos. Above pix are the yellow warning signs around the buckets collecting water from leaky roofs inside the terminal; below pix is a plane stuck at gate [ht: vatovn].

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4 Responses

  1. Joey says:

    I love Chicago also for its food, varying neighborhoods and public transit.

    Having lived in suburb of Michigan, a rural town of Ohio, a scorching hot city in texas, Chi-town, and SF, I do have to say that i still like what Chicago offers the best.

    I love the sports atmosphere there. Got all major sports, but I guess the blackhawk's haven't been on any radar recently. I also loved how there a variety of theological institutions around, something the bay area does not have at all. In Chicago what you pay for is more in line with reality than it is with SF and NY in terms of housing and food, but you still get the city culture and 'feel'.

    All in all, your entry about Chicago makes me miss it….EVEN the winters =)

  2. Dan says:

    DJ, It was fun to connect with you. Hope you have been able to stay dry.

  3. Sheryl says:

    My daughter went to college in Chicago and I always loved visiting her there! The ethnic neighborhoods were such an attraction for me. I also cannot get enough of downtown Chicago.

  4. My wife's from southside Chi-town…it's wild they got that much rain…great site!