why I like spicy foods

One of my highlights in dining pleasures is eating spicy foods. I’m daring enough to try the spicy dishes in a Szechuan restaurant marked with 3 red hot peppers labeled “numb”, and venture right up to edge of the hot sauces that require you to sign a liability waiver form. The other night, I tasted a hot sauce called “beyond death” and I couldn’t eat much of it, only could bear to taste a dip with my onion ring. Whew that was hot! But it sure made me feel more alive. I’m happy to use Mexican hot sauces (Chuhala) and Tabasco, and ask for the 4-tray hot sauces at Thai restaurants. Hot salsa can be a very good condiment. Yes, I will kung-pao almost every chance I get, and warm up with hot-and-sour soup — which actually is often a good test of culinary quality, or lack thereof. Variety is the spice of life, eh?

The other reason is because I’m not the wild adventurer in real life. Some people are daring and courageous(?) and love risk taking. I had recent opportunities to lie on a bed of nails, to ride down a zip line. Other people did. I doubt I’d ever bungee jump, rock climbing, skydiving, hot air balooning, mountain climb with sherpas, parasail, pilot a plane, water ski, or go on Fear Factor or Survivor. Amazing Race and Big Brother maybe.

I would love to ride a motorcycle more often, but have family considerations. I do enjoy going 4-wheeling. Roller coasters are good, long as it doesn’t go twisty upside down too many times. I did learn to swim, albeit splashily, at age 36. So those are a few of my thrills in life. And, spicy foods.

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  1. Opie says:

    I have never been able to relate to the enjoyment of pain while eating.

  2. djchuang says:

    A tingling sensation can be quite enjoyable 🙂 maybe it’s for a similar reason for why some people like to run a marathon, climb a mountain, or s&m 🙂 🙂