why bloggers need a business card

ChurchCrunch.com (John “human3rror” Saddington) is holding a “I’m a Blogger and I Need a Business Card!” content. Deadline for submission to the random drawing is January 18th, this Sunday. I’m not sure if I’m already disqualified since I already have a business card. Hope not.

my business card

Why bloggers need a business card? For 5 reasons: [1] lots of people don’t blog yet; [2] to make sure they spell my name right, [3] it’s something tangible that they can take away, [4] I can give them more contact info quickly — so they can choose their communication preference, [5] they can jot a note on the back of the card.

Those moo cards sure are cool. I did note that the non-standard smaller size makes them easier to lose. But, I can fit more of them in my pocket. and I see an orange one in the back of the sample stack.

[*] my mailing address has been obscured on my business card to protect the innocent; the rest of my contact info is widely and publicly available

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3 Responses

  1. Fantastic. I thought the same thing and is part of the reason I started http://www.extendr.com Go to http://www.extendr.com/getcards for ours. And our preferred vender is MOO.com.

    While you're there, if you go, check out the service too. Free service for consolidating your web footprint. Don't just wave, say hello.

  2. mnc says:

    Bloggers can get free business cards from http://www.ooprint.com, which is great if blogging is your hobby and not necessarily your means of income! The business cards are standard size, so you'll be less likely to loose them. And they also have a very professional look, and original designs.

  3. jack sinai says:

    You are so right, every blogger should get him/herself a buisnes cards, and they don't need to spend top dollars on it either,
    I printed mine at http://www.dcp-print.com , they give 250 free buisness cards which turned out great 🙂