Why blog? Why ask?

Now it’s neurotic, if not already. I’ve recently noticed mainstream media quoting blogs and bloggers. And now there’s a master’s thesis about blogging at www.whyyoublog.net called Why Do You Blog?

Seven motivations for blogging emerge in this research: self-documentation, improving writing, self-expression, medium appeal, information, passing time, and socialization.

Many people ask this question, as if it were the “what’s the meaning of life” question for the times. Robert “Scobleizer” Scoble ruminated about it after his blog vacation. My friend and co-worker Jenn answered b/c her Dad asked, as did Chris, one referred to blogging as a trend called life caching, does anyone care about this blogger, someone who loves cricket, someone spiritual, someone in Bombay, someone blogging anonymously, and someone who doesn’t know what to blog . Even ProBlogger Darren Rowse weighed in on why he blogs, though of course for him, it’s how he makes a 6-figure salary. “Why” is a great question, because there’s no easy answer. Yes, lots of people are asking the question on the 9/11 anniversary and recent hurricane destructions.

My answer to this frequently asked question, is, why not?!

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