Why be thankful

Today is Thanksgiving 2009 and we all have so very much to be thankful for. There are cliche’s like “counting your blessings” and having an “attitude of gratitude.” And those are good things. And there are even better things.

My journey of finding a more vibrant and thriving life is getting beyond the obligations of what I should do and responsibilities of what I have to do. Life is so much more rewarding when life can be what I want to do and what I love to do. And, all the better when this lines up with what the world needs, and translates into how I can better show love and kindness to people around me.

The power of gratitude and giving thanks is more than something nice to do on this annual holiday. It does a body good!

This short list from a beliefnet blog itemizes some of the distinct benefits of a daily dose of gratitude:

  • Increased joy in the simple things in life.
  • Ability to recover quickly from life’s setbacks and disappointments.
  • Improved relationships – people prefer to be around people who are grateful.
  • Greater physical stamina and energy.
  • Increased happiness and acceptance.
  • Stronger, healthier immune system.

It’s more than making a list and counting it twice. It’s seeing my life, the people around me, and the world, with new eyes. To see more than I can see. To give thanks more. To give more.

Be thankful because it’s good for you. Be thankful because it’s good for the people around you. Be thankful because it’s good for the world.

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