where you can get free website hosting

There are still a handful or so companies that provide free website hosting with FTP, even in the aftermath of very popular early-’90s personal website hosts like Geocities / Fortunecity / Angelfire / Tripod.

It is harder to find a web host that has FTP (file transfer protocol) functionality that allows file uploading so you can develop and build your own custom web pages. Most of these web hosts also provide some kind of a web-based template fill-in-the-blank dashboard too. That’s to say, there are many more free website services that don’t support FTP and have a web-based content editor. By the way, why would you want a free website hosting with FTP? They’re great for learning how to develop a website in a working environment that’s not your local hard drive.

Not sure how they afford it, whether having FTP or not. Probably they’re hoping for an upsell, and getting a little ad space on all the rest. You could call it freemium.

There are more listed at www.free-webhosts.com.

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2 Responses

  1. Imei says:

    I can only guess they do revenue splits and affiliate marketing, but whatever they do, I glad they do what they do so people can do what they do!