what’s wrong, exactly?

Question >> What is it exactly that offends you about the Rickshaw Rally series. I am a Southern Baptist and we have used themed VBS curriculums for years. Previous years have been western oriented(cowboy stuff), space, mountain climbing, sea adventure and most recently Lifeway has put out themes that were centered around the Amazon, an Egytian based theme,and one more I cannot recall. We have found it a time to introduce our south Texas
children to other cultures and help them to experience a life and world
completely different from their own. We also use videos from missionaries
who minister in the areas mentioned.

djchuang> thanks for kindly writing.. in short, the curriculum
reinforces some stereotypes of Asians that are largely untrue or
caricatured. In my opinion, they are not overtly racist as slavery was to
the African American population the 1700-1800s; but for significant numbers
of Asian Americans, the VBS portrays Asians in an unfavorable stereotypical
manner. Comparable to how historically, in the movies, how “black-face” was
drawn on white actors to portray black characters, or “slanty-eyes” were
drawn on white actors/ actresses to portray Charlie Chan.

Over a thousand people have signed an online petition, voicing their offense
at the VBS curriculum. You can see a more more detailed explanation of the
insensitivities and offensiveness of the curriculum at

In addition, the best way to confirm whether this curriculum is offensive or
not, is to take a few samples of the official curriculum’s website, show
them to some Asian Americans in your local community, and ask them if the
curriculum’s portrayal of Asian culture is one that uplifts them, or if it’s
one that doesn’t represent them.

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  1. Elijah says:

    For some reason I didn’t get all in a huff when I took a look at the material. Sure, it’s not the best of taste, but I guess I’m not overly sensitive about it. If people are hyper sensitive, then everything becomes politically correct and even more fake and shallow. At least the Southern Baptists are trying in their own way to educate children about other cultures… but hey, that’s just my uneducated opinion. Don’t bite my head off.