what’s going down

Our house was egged on the evening of Halloween. Disappointing.

Today’s most popular question: “did you vote?” How many times have you been asked? I’d been asked too many, and returning the favor. I went to my local polling station at 10:30am, was able to get through in about 15 minutes via the shortest line A-D; good thing my last name was C. Even though I’m not in a swing state, voting is important and it’s still my vote in a free country. Disappointed that so many don’t vote.

2 bloggers have asked me who I think will win: my hunch tells me it’ll be Bush. Campaigning and content aside, it comes down to charisma. Look at throughout history who wins. I’m not a political junkie, and haven’t come across a pundit that analyzed presidential winners on this angle. Think back, those who won were the more charismatic of the two, since the advent of television and JFK.

Then again, the Red Sox won this year. Anything could happen.

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  1. Jen Lemen says:

    what some call charisma, i call bad manners. bush in no way strikes me as a charismatic guy. unless you’re one of the good ole boys.

    just your good friend jen’s very liberal opinion.