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One of the lower-priority, but more visible, projects I get to work on at Leadership Network is setting up blogs to more quickly communicate the things our Leadership Network staff (and, now, friends) are learning about things that impact the American church.

During my first year, I had been a part of launching the Leadership Network Books blog to exclusively focused on books published by Leadership Network in its partnership with Jossey-Bass and Zondervan. Now we’re expanding the scope to cover all kinds of books that Christian leaders are reading. Yes, one place where you can get a pulse on the books that are informing and influencing almost 2 dozen Christian leaders.

This week is our “soft-launch”, which I’ve described as being similar to the concept of a “preview service” in church planting. And we’ll officially launch it next week, when I’ll be in Dallas at headquarters, coincidentally.

Click over to books.leadnet.org and check out all the new activities already under way! Spread the word!

Lesson learned: Something that seems to be working well for us is the concept of team blogs, where we have a team of contributors pitch in once a week, once a month, or once a quarter. This is how we’re doing the digital.leadnet.org blog, the Learnings blog, and now the Books blog. I think what keeps the team blog on track is a well-defined focused framework, so all contributors are blogging about one main topic.

I know of some team blogs that gather contributors that are more affinity-based, whether its a group of friends or a network of people with a common interest. Some of them have worked. Many of them seem to flounder. What may be missing for the ones that don’t work is a lack of focus, lack of content, or the topic might be too small and niche.

Did you know popular blogs like Engadget and Boing Boing are team blogs too? They were a part of our inspiration.

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2 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    I’ve always enjoyed team blogs when they work. Blogging seems especially appropriate to convey a variety of voices.

    We just started our first team blog. It is very focused in content and even timeframe because it is an Advent blog. We’ll see how it goes!