What is Church 2.0?

Greg Atkinson has been more than zealous during the past year or so in hosting local forums. At these meetups, he’s connected church leaders with one another and surfaced stories of creativity and innovation among followers of Christ. And he’s capturing many of those stories in a forthcoming book that he’s co-authoring with Cynthia Ware and Tony Steward. I’ve lost count of how many Church 2.0 Forums he’s pulled together. And, Greg’s got 3 more lined up for this Fall in Boston (10/17), Tulsa (10/24), and Portland (11/7).

A question you may have is, what is Church 2.0? I know I’ve asked the question. For the record, Church 2.0 is a “collaborative conversation“:

And I’ve paraphrased Church 2.0 as “stories and conversations of how Christ-followers from churches of all sizes are changing the way church is done“. Don’t quote me.

Whether the term as Greg has coined it will stick or not, we’ll see. I’ve heard from some that Web 2.0 is not well-defined and that introduces confusion, so maybe “Church 2.0” could be confusing, cf. Google has a range of results for “Church 2.0” // a Church 2.0 presentation by Bart Caylor, book titled The Wired Church 2.0, blog posts by Andrew Jones (circa 2005), Mark Glaser (circa 2006), PBS MediaShift (2006), this Church 2.0 wiki curated by Unitarian Dan Harper, wikipedia had an entry for Church 2.0 – now deleted …

Now, Greg notes that the Church 2.0 Local Forums is not only about tech:

These gatherings are for ALL Church leaders. This isn’t just a “tech” thing. These Church 2.0 Local Forums are where Church leaders gather together to meet, network, discuss innovation, leadership, technology and share stories of what God is up to in their city. I don’t present anything. I don’t sell anything. I simply listen, learn and help guide the conversation. It’s truly a God-thing. I really appreciate your friendship and your support.

Clear? Crystal.

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10 Responses

  1. human3rror says:

    Church 2.0 could mean a host of different things, and I think your point on how web 2.0's definition is still “hanging” a bit… but, at least, there is, perhaps, some more history behind web 1.0 and it's evolution into the 2 era. but maybe i'm over thinking it…?


  2. Mary Beth says:

    Thanks for clarifying. I had signed up for church 2.0 but didn't know where to go from there.

  3. Here's my uninformed take since I'll be going to my first Church 2.0 gathering in Boston:

    Church 2.0 refers to the intersection of the timeless ways in which the body of Christ exists in community and the new ways that humans can augment and experience community using digital tools.

  4. djchuang says:

    @human3rror – yeah, that's what it is, the web 2.0 definition is “hanging” a bit.. now, I'm comfortable with ambiguity, being an ideas guy, but I know most people (seem to) want more specificity and a definitive definition

    @Mary Beth – glad you've signed up! which city?

    @Ryan – nice paraphrase.. now what would that sound like with a Bostonian accent? 🙂

  5. Bobj says:

    wow never looked at it that way.

  6. Erin says:

    Sounds like a fantastic endeavor with a horrible name.
    Next year = iChurch or “New Coke” ?
    Chasing computer convention naming schemes doesn't really communicate “sharing stories” to me as much as it does disembodied materialism.
    A conference name only 21st century protestants could love.
    I jest. 🙂

  7. nulls102 says:

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    Best regards