what I like about Austin

My sleep number is 45. After hearing so many ads and promotionals about the Select Comfort bed, I just had to walk into their retail store at the mall and get my number. I had just bought a bed about a year and half ago, so I’m not in the market for one. But they did get my contact info b/c they’re holding a little contest for a vacation getaway. As long as they don’t pitch timeshares at me, all’s good. My friend Gordon Wu‘s number is 40, and he’s my weekend host, showing me the glory of Austin. We brunched at Kerbey Lane Cafe, a local joint. The Kerbey Queso was incredible! [A large scoop of guacamole covered with creamy queso and topped with pico de gallo, served with hot sauce and tortilla chips.]

I’m at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakecreek waiting for an afternoon matinee of Crash. It’s quite the life here, free wireless Internet here, and a cool cider on the side. A little taste of heaven in the middle of Texas. Only in Austin!

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  1. kezia says:

    hey dj – I’m looking forward to seeing Crash too. travelling mercies! kp

  2. Rod says:


    Looks like you just missed getting casted for MTV’s latest “Real World” there in Austin. I always figured I’d try and go to Dallas or Houston at some point, but Austin might be the real hot spot in Texas. Looking forward to meeting you and some of the other Emergent folks in the D.C. area.


  3. rick says:

    CRASH is a great movie, one of the best I have ever seen. I can’t wait to get your reaction.

    Austin? I hear it is a great place.

  4. lucas says:


    austin is my town man… for great veggie fare go to mother’s cafe and garden. you should have called me man… i’m an hour away!!

    peace lucas