what about babies

Question> what about babies and the mentally challenged? if they die, do they get into heaven. i know i heard this question a lot. and i heard one side of the story is…they dont because we are all born with sin and since God is all pure and perfect He cant allow sin into heaven therefore the ones that aren’t saved cant get in. but i dont believe that…but i also dont have any Bible verses to back that up. What is your theory on this?

djchuang>> from my reading of Scriptures, there is a wage for sin upon every living soul, and that wage is death. But the Bible is not explicit in terms of what happens to babies nor mentally challenged. Some theologians have come up with the concept of an “age of accountability”, and defined certain exceptions to the provision of salvation, but I personally okay with not being absolutely certain about the eternal destiny of the mentally challenged or undeveloped. God is merciful and just, and I think He knows, and that’s sufficient for me. So my “theory” is: God knows, and I don’t know for sure.

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