what about a car reviews aggregator

Where in the world is a car reviews aggregator? Now there is one! Scroll to bottom.

There are review aggregators for all kinds of other things: movies (Rotten Tomatoes, cin-o-matic), wine (WineMad), technology products (Test Freaks, alaTest, Retrevo, ViewScore), consumer products (Wize), entertainment (metacritic), music (FlogMusic). The really nice ones actually create a score from the aggregated reviewers’ rating and gives a simple number indicative of the “wisdom of the crowd” — much more convenient than wading thru pages and pages of reviews.

Actually, alaTest has a category for cars, but there’s not much there yet. No one has built an aggregator for automobile reviews, when there are plenty of car reviews out there?

Maybe a car reviews aggregator should be called “fresh lemons”?

[update] There is an auto reviews aggregator/ search engine now at opinionauto.com

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  1. Marc says:

    Your readers might want to try http://www.Measuredup.com a leading customer service review website where people share reviews with other users and with companies. Companies that are involved with and value customer service read Measuredup to keep up on what people are saying and to be able to improve customer service. Their is an autos category.

    It is free and easy to use.

  2. djchuang says:

    Marc, thanks for the comment and referral. Yes, I’ve found a handful of customer review sites for cars and automobiles, and those are helpful in some respect. I’m glad to hear of MeasuredUp.com’s unique approach in gathering data about customer service, rather than just product ratings as most others do. What I’m looking for, and still can’t find, is a website that aggregates car reviews from professional sources, like edmunds.com, kbb.com, Motor Trends, Consumer Reports, and I’m sure there are more. Rather than going to a dozen websites, it should would be nice to have 1 place to go that links to all the reviews at other sites.