What a PARTY!

What a PARTY! last night at Bridgeway‘s 10th Anniversary- now there’s a group of people who have fun and enjoy being together, and _intentionally_ building bridges over the ethnic divide. Not gonna happen by accident. Pres of Practical Bible College described a leader as one who has vision (knowing where to go and the next step to get there), character, and courage (ability to make decisions). DA described it as a community where black and white have a lot more work to do (in terms of reconciliation) and they’re like the bookends, so the others (Latinos, Asians) will come in due time.. plus, instead of listening to a consultant’s comment that when different people come together, one of their cultures has to die, DA had the courage to say (and do it), let’s have both our cultures die so we can build a new home together. And by the grace of God, that’s happening at Bridgeway. I venture to say (along with several others) that this is a church that’ll be in the spotlight for years to come.. and to top it off, on the drive into Inner Harbor, we saw a beautiful rainbow overlooking the scene, the very metaphor that DA uses when speaking of the beauty of a multicultural community.

This weekend, a road trip to Atlanta, for an art show at which my wife Rachelle’s art is being displayed. Opening reception is on Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm.

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