went to a writer’s conference

went to a writer’s conference last weekend.. was my first introduction into the publishing world; many of the attendees (around 150 or so) were aspiring to the day when they’d be professional writers, to get paid enough for their writing they wouldn’t have to work another job.. so a lot of the conference was inspirational, and many workshops for technical details on writing and publishing, with free time for interaction and networking.. I got the sense that there were more fiction writers than non-fiction; of course, my interests are in the philosophical theological arena, and tho’ I met a lot of people, I didn’t meet anyone with my interests.. that’s okay, very few people in the world have my interests, and that makes me unique, and if the market likes my unique offerings, then I might be a commodity some day.. as for my writing a book, it’ll come one day, soon as I can clear off a few items off my plate..

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  1. Anna says:

    Hi DJ –

    There are many Christian Writers’ Conferences. I suggest you check out Marlene Bagnull’s website at:


    She holds Christian Writers’ Conferences in Colorado and Philadelphia every year.

    Also, check out The Christian Writers’ Guild (Jerry B. Jenkins), Francis Frangipane (he just held a Writers’ Conference recently).

    Sally Steward publishes a yearly Christian Writers Market Guide, which lists publishers, conferences, etc.

    Hope you find this helpful.


    P.S. Found you via a link from Christine’s
    blog, “Talkwisdom.”

  2. Anna says:

    DJ –

    I apologize – I am writing this with a limited amount of time.

    It’s Sally Stewart – not Sally Steward!