weekend wood chopping

No, I didn’t do it with my bare hands. But I do feel more manly for having spent most of the weekend splitting logs. And a bit sore for using muscles that I normally don’t use. So, we’ve got a good amount of firewood for the fireplace.

This is my first time splitting logs; didn’t know exactly how to do it. One thing I learned is that a swinging maul is not enough to split logs. I was going to rent a log splitter, to save time, but then I’d need a hitch on my Xterra. My neighbor’s truck didn’t have a hitch either. Then I thought about borrowing my brother’s electric chain saw. Yes, apparently they do make them electric. Talking with my brother, we figured out I needed a sledge hammer too. When I got into the swing of things, I could split a log in 4 swings, relying on momentum (mass x velocity acceleration.) That was very cool. So if you want to stop by this winter, I’ll put a log on for ya!

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  1. Not to be a stickler, but your reference to momentum was a bit off.
    Momentum is:

    mass * velocity

    you wrote:

    mass * acceleration

  2. djchuang says:

    Director, thanks for catching that. I’ve fixed it now.. repeat to self: momentum equals mass times velocity, momentum equals mass times velocity, 100x