week of pain

Spent a few days in Dallas in back2back2back meetings. Good to be with my teammates, especially as the bonding gets a little more stronger with every meeting. We 12+ directors only meet together once a quarter. Then we’re again scattered like the wind all over the US of A. Once in a while running into each other at conferences.

And it’s been a sombering week, with prominent tragedies all over: 43,000+ people @ cyclone in Myanmar (aka Burma), 50,000+ people @ 7.9M earthquake in Sichuan province of China, 25 people @ tornados in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Georgia, 90 people @ Jaipur bombings in India, and the on-going war battles in Iraq.

The one that hit closest was the plane crash piloted by Pastor Forrest Pollock, accompanied by his 13-year old son. Pastor Pollock was flying en route to Dallas for a conference I was attending on Monday and Tuesday, but he didn’t show up in time. About a third of the way through, we heard about his plane being lost. The next day, we heard the plane was found: crashed. No survivors. See press release from Leadership Network + any of the 63 news articles crawled by Google News.

Pollock pastored Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida. View and sign guestbook over at serenitymeadows. The Celebration of Life service for Pastor Forrest Pollock and his son Preston will be webcast live on Saturday morning May 16th at 9:30am (Eastern).

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