website for my wife

I’ve been working overtime getting my wife Rachelle‘s website built, waiting on an official launch. It’s live and viewable as an unofficial preview right now as we speak. Yes, it’s WordPress-powered. Rachelle’s gained a new appreciation for the complexities (and limitations) in building a website. We’ve posted a buncha images of her artwork, and their beautifully browseable using Lightbox JS.

One last ingredient is to add a contact form plugin. I’m deliberating between intouch, Ryan Duff’s WP-ContactForm, PXS Mail Form, DagonDesign’s Secure Form Mailer, and WSR Contact Form. And then the wait for her sign off and approval to make an official announcement and get business cards printed up, etc. Have to use traditional media to drive traffic to a website, b/c a website is not “build it and they’ll come.”

[sidenote 8/22: Ahmed Farooq dropped me a note about iBox, which is similar to Lightbox but uses no external JavaScript and supports non-JavaScript users. And then, there’s ThickBox and GreyBox too; these can display HTML pages in a pseudo-pop-up window as well as images.]

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  1. auschick says:

    That’s beautiful! I love that lightbox!!!

  2. daniel li says:

    Let me know when it goes official and I’ll do my part in putting out the “buzz”! Pls pass on my congrats and “good job” to Rachelle.

  3. Dave Lemen says:

    Good work! I’ll probably be asking for help with Jen’s site soon.

  4. Jack says:

    Why a contact us plug-in? Why not a non-WordPress driven PHP page (or set of pages)?