webcast with 2 Catalyst guys

I’ve never been to that mega-conference called Catalyst, missed meeting Brad Lomenick at Q NYC (I think that’s where our paths crossed), and didn’t catch them on their road trip. I’m not able to go cross country this year either.

But, at least I’ll get to see Brad live via the internet and maybe conjure up my best question to ask during their webcast:

CATALYST LIVE WEBCAST: Thursday @ Noon (Eastern) / 9:00am Pacific

This Thursday, Oct 2nd, @ 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern, CATALYST is hosting a LIVE Webcast on Mogulus.com/catalystspace. Brad Lomenick and Chad Johnson will be giving you a view of Catalyst behind the scenes and answering your questions.

I had drawn up a grid a few years ago about leadership development, and the different kinds of programs to develop that. Nothing replaces the practicing of leadership, which is often not spoken of; but the programs that can be packaged and produced, those get a lot more air-time. I even came up with acronyms to chart out a comparison betwen different approaches/ programs: conferences, courses, classes, cohorts, coaching. Maybe there was one more C. I’ll have to dig that up and share it with you.

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