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As I type from my new company-issue laptop (Dell Latitute D620) here in Dallas, I’m thinking about this new way of working for a company with headquarters a thousand miles away, and working with a team of people scattered around the country. Telecommuting isn’t the best word for it, but I’m finding more and more people who are working from home, a local coffeehouse, or even coworking, instead of making a commute into a corporate office or relocating prospective staff. It’s a real privilege to have this freedom, for which I’m more than grateful. I chatted with someone recently had a staff member relocate from Dallas to Madrid, and this staffer works from Spain on Central Time, stays in touch by phone, Skype, and internet, and work is getting done just fine.

This new way of working enables an organization or company to hire talented people without having to relocate them, and gives people the flexibility to get their work done and perform. It takes a big mind-shift on the management side to realize that the point is to get work done, not to sit at an office desk during business hours (unless the job requires being at a desk.) It’s a win-win all around: the company doesn’t need to pay extra rent for office space, remote staff get flexible hours, company can hire excellent talent without geographical constraints. Even costs for occasional travel for face-to-face meetings wouldn’t likely exceed officing costs.

I’m waiting on an electronic copy of a brochure for the next training event for this Paterson Process, so I can refer to it as I write up some of my lessons learned at last week’s strategic planning facilitator training. One of the things that companies and organizations have to do in today’s real world environment is to constantly learn new things, and launch new initiatives to engage new opportunities. Today, a company/organization cannot go on cruise-control and do the same thing over and over.

One lost opportunity that I just chatted with Rudy about is a wifi router with parental control aka internet filtering. I sure hope I’m not alone in wanting filtered internet protection without having to install (and maintain) filtering softwares on every computer that also drags down performance, especially when I’ve got both Mac and PC at home. I’d like to think that more router and internet filter companies would have seized this opportunity, and build + market an easy to use wireless internet router with parental control. I know there were 2 reviewed by PC Magazine in 2004, and there was one I found via a web searched called iBoss, but I haven’t heard much about, so I don’t know if it works well, and how well it’s selling. Add a comment if you’ve got a recommendation or know about the iBoss. Thank you!

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  1. fid says:

    I use the iBoss on my business network and have a few other friends using it at their mortgage companies. Placed it between the switch and the router. Works very well. When I first had it installed I couldn’t beleive what some of the employees were doing. I like the reports and its pretty easy to use. Lots of features and controls and support guys are great. Couldn’t be happier with the product its awesome. Also cost a lot less compared to other solutions I had quoted.