way to go around the world

For the past few months, been pondering this idea of traveling around to see world cities. I’ve been to most of the major cities domestically, and want to see more internationally in my one lifetime. So far I’ve only been in 4 cities: London, Hong Kong, Moscow, and Taipei (by default, 1st 8 yrs of life.) I’ve got a short list narrowed down, which includes Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Rome, and Rio de Janeiro.

What I haven’t yet figured out is how to pay for all these travels. I’m not a budgeting type, nor a strong-investor money maker, so it’s not going to my own earning capacity.

Tonight on the drive home, got to talking with my sister-in-law about The Amazing Race, a great reality TV show. The a-ha moment hit me. I could audition for that show and get to travel the world!

We deliberated about it a bit, and it could work. My partner wouldn’t be my immediate family. I was thinking through my circle of friends who could complement me, in areas like physical fitness and stamina. 2 or 3 came to mind. I think I can do the traveling part and the figuring-out part, even though I don’t speak many other languages and haven’t yet traveled internationally.

We watched the most recent episode via YouTube, commercial-free at that. We skimmed through the official website. They even have The Amazing Race WIKI chock full of info!

Then my bubble burst. That TV show is about a race. It’s highly competitive. I don’t have a drop of competitive drive in me. Not one.

Push the idea to stew longer on the back burner.

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  1. rudy says:

    let’s do it

    i’m not that competitive either

    that’s why we’ll win


    on the other hand, i just had a baby (well, technically, my wife did, if you must know), not sure i can get away…

  2. arZan says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Ive always wished I could take part in the Amazing Race. They only accept American citizens and i am not one, so bad luck !