watching it come together

T minus 1 day before the event kicks off with dinner tomorrow, and it’s coming together alright.. what a relief, good to see the hard work of the past year take shape, and the people will be rolling in from around the country tomorrow. We’ll have some really good conversations, a good number of people have been helpful.

I get the sense that this is a rather different than other audiences that a typical event serves – the typical conference has a consumer model, high production by the conference host, deliver the messages and content and goods to the consumers, people evaluate whether it was worth their money and time. I do hope that our attendees will find the weekend very valuable. We’ve worked at making a safe place, give space and time, for them to talk to each other. And perhaps people know that, and have been generous to initiate and to ask whether they can help. Even one mom of a young child offered to drive in 45 mins each way tonight, even to just help for 2 hours. We had things well under control now, and gratefully declined her offer. Wow, what a touch of grace to hear from her.

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