watched a fascinating movie recently

watched a fascinating movie recently called Magnolia, very nuanced and character-driven, deeply textured, if those are the right movie critic terms, I’m not sure.. what I walked away with was realize our shared human dilemma, that we are broken people, and longing for the power to break free from our neurosis that grip us into old habits, to have strength to forgive those who’ve hurt and damaged us, and to relate and connect with people who would love and accept us for simply who we are.. several scenes I liked, one I’ll mention here– a couple are out on their first date, and she takes the bold risk to ask that they talk about anything they want, reveal everything, and not hide and manipulate and lie.. the guy takes the offer, doesn’t get phased by it, and shares a vulnerable thing about his day (I won’t say what it was, no spoiler here), she’s sorta shocked by his candor and willingness to take the offer.. but then isn’t able to share the truth about herself, and runs off never to be seen again..

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