Watch out for church planters blogging

Pastors who are planting churches in the 21st century, (some of them anyways,) are inviting people to follow along as things unfold in the process.

They used to call it progress reports, but that sounds oh-so formal. Now it’s in the genre of behind the scenes, the making of a church plant, or reality TV. In our day and age, when marketing could be paid, earned, or owned, why rent when you can own?

Rather than doing a stealth launch, preparing a project in secret, or staying low under the radar, I’ve found some pastors who are more along the lines of being open and transparent with what it is that they’re doing in their new entrepreneurial venture, or shall I say, adventures in church planting. (And methinks it’s far better to tell your own story, rather than allowing others to make up their story about you.)Here’s a few that come to mind ::

There are probably many, since an estimated 5,000 church planting leaders are gathering at Exponential 2013, the mother of all church planting conferences. Add a comment if you are blogging your life in church planting, or know of someone that is.

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9 Responses

  1. Here is a great blog where church planters and experts in the area of planting blog:

  2. djchuang says:

    And, found another DJ, pastor DJ Jenkins, that is blogging his church planting adventure in Los Angeles, and currently reading & blogging through Center Church by Tim Keller