Verizon kudos, evangelicals documentary

Kudos to Verizon, at least this 1 CSR (customer service representative) named Michael, who was able to aptly diagnose and fix the DSL problem that had plagued my family all weekend. Our DSL internet connection was very intermittent, sometimes I could get an email through, most of the time I couldn’t get any sustained internet connection. After a number of different technicians and other CSRs who had us reboot our computers, wait all day for the service technican to check the lines, turn off and on the DSL modem, go through all kinds of troubleshooting routines, I finally talked with someone who took the right troubleshooting path and found the problem. The solution to our problem: the DSL modem (Westell Versalink) had a sticky reset button, that would reset itself every minute or so; very irritating. I held the reset button in for 30 seconds, reconfigured the modem, and I’m back online at home! Yippee!!

?Tom Brokaw Reports: In God They Trust,? was broadcast on Friday, October 28th. Brokaw explored why so many Americans are turning to this expression of faith, and asked whether or not some Evangelicals are going too far. This documentary on evangelicals came and went, without much fanfare, buzz (only 45 references in the blogosphere), and probably a little lower than expected ratings.

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