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The national missional church conference is less than 2 months away — the Verge Conference in Austin, Texas, February 4-6, 2010.

The roster of speakers who’ll be there keeps growing: Francis Chan, Matt Carter, Alan Hirsch, Dave Ferguson, Dave Gibbons, Neil Cole, John Burke, Hugh Halter, Ed Stezer, George Patterson, Jeff Vanderstelt, David Watson, David Garrison, Joey Shaw & Ryan King, David Putman & Shawn Lovejoy, Charles Lee, Caesar Kalinowski, Jon Ferguson, Tony & Felicity Dale, Mark DeYmaz, Kevin Peck, Todd Engstrom, Michael ‘Stew’ Stewart, Jason Kovacs, Justin Lopez, Kern White …

And the Social Media Team will keep all of us in the conversations both online and on-site: Jonathan Dodson, Vince Marotte, Chris Marlow, Brad Brisco, Charles Wear, Kent Shaffer, Milfred Minatrea, Steve McCoy, Jonathan McIntosh, Andrew Jones, Bill Kinnon, David Park, and me. There’s also a Verge team blog at

rss-buttonThe podcast of audio interviews with select speakers is being rolled out now. Interviews with Dave Gibbons and David Garrison are online already. More to come. Subscribe to the podcast feed in RSS format or in iTunes.

Dave Gibbons, pastor of NewSong Church ::

David Garrison, missionary pioneer and missions leader ::

Plus, listen to my interview with Michael Stewart (one of the Verge organizers at the Austin Stone Community Church)

And one more thing. I’ll be there in Austin, so get registered and we can meetup. A little birdie has even mentioned a tweetup is in the works.

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  1. Sounds like a good conference! I wish I could go, unfortunately I am in Guatemala.