unrestrained material world

recently something (I forget what, b/c I didn’t get to my blog promptly) triggered this thought, that our society (I’d prefer not to use the overloaded term “world”) is bent on doing anything and everything that a person wants to do, unrestrained freedom and license, as if the body and the material world was the only existence we have, so we can do well whatever we please, with one small caveat of “as long as we don’t hurt anyone else”, and by that I think they mean “materially” or “physically” and perhaps also “without consent”, and it dawned on me that there’s sorta this dismissal of the concept of the soul, and the immaterial reality.. so this society is on this all out assault against the soul, and doing battle to kill the soul, and putting on a feeding frenzy of the material world (“for a material girl”), enticing people to sell their soul for consumerism, sensational experiences be they physical/sexual, drug-induced, or anything + everything outside of moral bounds..

Brian faciliated some great interactive sermons this past month at Cedar Ridge, based on John 8:2-11, and we entered into the story, to see thru the eyes of the woman, the men, and the Lord Jesus himself [Real audio links], and it was such an enriching experience, to imagine ourselves being in the story and seeing it from each of those respective lens, and recognizing how we are in similar places at various times, and what faith calls for in those moments.. today’s poignant moment is realizing that to be like Jesus isn’t only loading up on more spiritual disciplines (as so often taught, and over taught), but to be like Jesus is to see like Jesus..

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