two worlds apart

I’ve got (at least) two worlds of audiences that come to — some here at the home page blog via bookmark or rss feed, and those who randomly surf in via search engines or deep linking. For the latter audience, I’ve started some AdSense ads to possibly cover web hosting cost for this deal, while my loyal blog audience shall remain ads-free.

So, to give visibility for a recent find with my blog audience, here it is: yesterday’s New York Times featured a piece on Redeemer’s Tim Keller, “Preaching the Word and Quoting the Voice” (ht: David Park).

Rather than quoting from the article, while it is still available, I particularly liked the disclaimer from kellered: “Redeemer does not aspire to fame. In fact, Redeemer did not want the article done but the journalist was going to do it whether or not Redeemer helped him to write it. … Redeemer is happy to fly under the radar of the majority.”

At the time of this writing, other bloggers have already picked up on this piece, 5 according to BlogPulse + 11 according to Google BlogSearch, with varying degrees of commentary. [update: GetReligion has a feisty reaction to the NYT article, and they even used my Keller photo instead of an NYT one!]

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  1. MP says:

    An interesting thing about the article is that the writer, Mike Luo, is an evangelical himself. His twin brother, Chris, was one of the founders of HighRock Church in Boston, as well.

  2. nitpicky says:

    “…is an evangelical himself.” MP, if you read the article, you will note that Keller prefers not to refer to himself as an evangelical.