twitter made her shiver

Chatting with colleague, let’s call her Betsy, about last night, when I was looking for a place to hang out in Dallas after a full day of live-blogging a private meeting.

So I told her (with 4 others listening in) I twittered after dinner that I was driving around looking for a place to hang, stopped at b+n near SMU. Had 2 twitter replies to meetup, and so we did. Drove up to sbux on forest lane which closed too early at 9pm, and I’m standing outside w @ksc, reminescing about old days of bbs’es, sysop’ing, 1200 baud modems, $3,000 pc’s. Then @gregatkinson stopped over, and we go south to hang out Cafe Brazil, a 24 hour place.

Betsy couldn’t believe that I’d txt the world, that people I don’t know would ‘follow’ me, that people replied to my tweet, how did they know me to follow me, and that I’d even go to meetup with them! (Or, they with me) exasperated, she was.

She thought it was kinda shady (and other unpublishable synonymns). Betsy won’t be twittering anytime soon.

Still got to bed by midnight. Good hang out time. @ksc recommended StaffTool – web-based church member database, user interface that’s custom for iPhone too

Typing this on my bberry curve, so no links and lots o lowercase.

Quite an adventure btwn returing rental car and getting to terminal A. (Back story omitted here) Lots of mercy. Ran to gate and made it on plane just 13 minutes before scheduled departure (705p).

BUT, now that we’re all boarded, they’re finding problem after problem; elec power went out for 2 mins, now back up and running; 1 of 6 gps nav down, we’re gonna fly with 5 but needs paperwork sign-off; hydraulic fluid low, they’re refilling. Pilot just announced they need to replace fire extinguisher. Sigh.

We’ll get an update later. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I just hope they beat curfew at Orange County SNA John Wayne Airport.

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