twitter etiquette to acknowledge who you’re with

Tweet the ones you’re with. One twitter etiquette that I use often is to acknowledge the twitter people I’m present with f2f, in so far I’m meeting up with people or f2f (face-to-face). Granted this hasn’t made any twitter etiquette guides that I could find, but it ought to be 🙂

This is a way to signal that I’m taking the time to meet people that would be worth following. And it gives them an easy way to @ reply me back with follow-up questions or comments. Sometimes I’ll also acknowledge phone calls with someone who tweets. In the past few weeks, that’s included tweets like:

gr8 #icfood tweetup w @decart @sarahmarkley @artisanwarrior @marcpayan @mbstockdale @catalystleader

thrilled to be w @marcpayan this morn over breakfast 1st time f2f in months, too long

having a fascinating convo w @alexsum , talking all things church and tech

great talking @br_miller at #nwlc10 about the inside scoop on Staples

great to meet @BillyFerrell & others in #nwlc10 workshop on tech stewarding, but couldn’t get the last guy to get on Facebook

fascinating convo w @MichaelFerrari about his musician perspectives beyond a worship music genre; DOWNLOAD his free EP

Chris Brogan posted A brief and informal Twitter etiquette guide last year. Here’s a few that are worth re-iterating:

  • You don’t have to read every tweet.
  • You don’t have to respond to every @mention.
  • You aren’t obligated to reply to every direct message.
  • If someone direct messages you and you find that you cant message them back because he or she isn’t following you, a simple @reply stating, “I went to send you a direct message back but you’re not currently following me” is good manners.

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