twas the night before Rick Warren’s stealth conference

The conference known as the Purpose Driven Network Summit kicks off tomorrow, Tuesday morning 5/20 shortly after 8:00am Pacific Time. The LIVE Summit Team will be blogging + podcasting + live-streaming videos, plus feature interviews with the 35 pastors serving as panelists. Rick Warren himself will be delivering 4 or 5 messages to the 1,500+ pastors in attendance.

At the pre-event briefing this afternoon, the LIVE Summit Team heard about the schedule and logistics. The first Rick Warren message will be live-streamed for the pastors to watch LIVE — the message is specifically for pastors, and the organizers want as many people to watch/hear it as possible. The web link for this exclusive live video feed will be emailed out to subscribers of Rick Warren’s Ministry ToolBox. Sign up at for free.

One thing I’ve noticed today is how Pastor Rick and his staff all exude a desire to support pastors in as many ways as possible. They’ve been doing it for years via This Summit looks to be quite the roll out for several great things that will support pastors on the front lines of ministry. Here’s a hint: they’re working on using the Internet to provide free videos that’ll encourage pastors weekly, especially those meeting in small groups. And, I’m anticipating there’ll be more info about how the P.E.A.C.E. plan can help more pastors and churches serve & love the world.

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  1. chrisdliu says:

    i’m gonna be attending this conference! i’m really excited 🙂

  2. DJ, this is so interesting. I’ve been thinking about house church lately – which seems similar to small groups (to me). Do you forsee people meeting in home/small groupish settings eating video content, but not attending a large service on Sunday?

  3. Wish I were there… what a great opportunity! Thankfully we can get this vicariously through you and your blog… Are you attending Whiteboard?

  4. Thanks for sharing. I’m excited to hear Rick Warren train church leaders.