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My friend Jeremy Del Rio 2020 visionis a part of coordinating a collaborative effort called
2020 Vision for Schools, starting with prayer for public schools and mobilizing people to be an answer to those prayers. It’s looking really strong there in metro New York City and Chicago too, with lots of key leaders connected in.

I’ve met Jeremy on several occasions, and he comes across as a gentle giant, a soft spoken lawyer. But I know there’s a lot of fire and passion in him, and seeing the fruit of his labor, an amazing guy. Keep an eye on this one, and bring it to your community too.

I’ve been keeping up with a regularly scheduled visit with Dr. Brownley, a chiropractor. He was particularly impressed that I went in for a check-up without having any glaringly obvious “problem”, and I’ve been persuaded it’s a good part of everyday health. Going there is always a temptation to stop by Yogurtland next door. I’ve resisted it, most of the time.

And, a shout out and props for Soularize in a Box. A fascinating of conversations about what’s next in the church, a bit more out on the edge exploring what could be, not so much a case studies of practical how-tos, models, or formula to grow a church or improve ministry operations. Much needed research and development, me thinks. Always a heady trip to meetup with Spencer Burke and Theooze. I started listening to the CDs chock full of MP3 audios, but occasionally it’d skip and the audio quality is raw, which I think keeps it real. Not sure if it was my stereo or the CD.

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