Top 6 biggest Free Cloud Storage web services

Technology prices continue to drop and that means more free cloud storage for your files, especially the big files like movies and music. And for the companies that know how to scale well, the freemium model can work really well for their financial sustainability, where the cloud storage file hosting service has a smaller amount of space for free, and larger amount of space for pay.

A handful of services are providing way more file storage space in the cloud than the market-leader Dropbox‘s 2GB or big-brand Google Drive‘s 15GB. This is a list of cloud storage services with the most free space (immediately after sign-up):

Of course there are many differences between each of these services, features differ on things like: maximum file size limit, auto-backup, file-sync with your desktop, sync across devices/platforms, file sharing, collaboration, upgrade for “unlimited” space, and so on. You can check each web services to figure out which has all the features that best fit your computing lifestyle. I’ll try keep this up-to-date with the latest numbers on how much free space they’re offering, and any new ones that come along. Other helpful blog posts related to this quest for free cloud storage space:

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  1. Something neat about Copy: shared folders. Where dropbox makes each person “pay” to use a shared folder, Copy “splits the bill” between each user. So if you share a folder with 10 GB between 4 people, that’s only 2.5 GB per person (instead of 10 GB paid by each person). Pretty sweet setup.