tomorrow marks a somber day

tomorrow marks a somber day for many around the USA and the world, to overstate the obvious.. how has it affected me? it moves me to be sympathetic to the pains and weaknesses and doubts of others.. some may even call this the absence of God.. and He does seem absent; the recurring question is: how can a God allow this to happen? It’s peculiar how the parallel question isn’t asked: why do people expect only this one thing of God, to prevent evil? I don’t hear much about God from the mainstream of people in most life circumstances; how exactly is God supposed to all of a sudden show up now?

And while it is horrific that this evil did happen, and God feels absent for many, God has also been near and present for many. Perhaps it is better to say that this kind of a thing heightens people’s sensitivity to the nearness or farness of God. How can one grow their faith while another lose it in this very same circumstance?

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