Tomorrow I’ll be in Asheboro,

Tomorrow I’ll be in Asheboro, North Carolina, to speak for four days at a spring retreat with Raleigh Chinese Christian Church’s College Group. This’ll be sorta like a sitcom reunion show, b/c that was a church I served as youth pastor at 4 years ago, and the college group inviting me back is composed of largely (two-thirds) members of my then youth group. We’ll see how much they’ve grown up (or not 🙂 ). I will be posting up notes to my messages here on my web site, along with recommended readings and references.

=== Actual Chat Transcript === Mon Mar 12 13:54:29 === [name obscured to protect the innocent]
jc_anony: hey… i was reading about why you posted your salary
jc_anony: didn’t know you were in Parade… that’s cool
jc_anony: i actually saw that article and scanned through some salary, but didn’t realize you were in it!
djchuang: yeah, i didn’t wear my glasses, it was my superman look 🙂
jc_anony: no takers on people emailing your their salaries, huh?
djchuang: not yet..
djchuang: you can be the first!
jc_anony: that’s something i don’t want published
jc_anony: but you have a good point, it’s just a number…
jc_anony: but it’s a number that’s considered taboo for discussion in this culture
jc_anony: like you said, people put worth in their salary
djchuang: is it discussable in ANY culture?
jc_anony: like if they don’t earn as much as someone else, they’re not as good
jc_anony: it seems in asian culture
jc_anony: first thing an older generation would ask.. how much?
djchuang: yes, you’re right about that perception in Asian culture
jc_anony: like… i bought a house… how much?
djchuang: and that is wrong, so i’m putting myself on the line to dispel it
djchuang: call me countercultural 🙂
djchuang: actually some Asian cultures ask how much; other Asian cultures would never ask
jc_anony: i agree with your stance… but don’t want to be the breaker of the wave. ha ha
djchuang: cf. Japanese (I think it was)
jc_anony: anyway, it was interesting Parade got all those people to reveal their salaries… do you feel any different knowing others know what you make?
djchuang: i don’t, but that’s me
djchuang: i reveal plenty on my web site anyways
jc_anony: anyway, neat reading about it on your website… if you start a new trend, I’ll give you a hearty handshake
djchuang: to get a trend ROLLING.. I need people to JOIN me in it.. *hint hint*
jc_anony: yeah, salary is just not something people talk about… can’t think of many other taboo subjects, but that’s one

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