Tom Cruise don’t play

Tom Cruise rants on Today ShowI forget who I was talking with about the acerbic comments by Tom Cruise when he was interviewed by Matt Lauer on The Today Show on June 25th. So I hope s/he reads my blog and will watch the video and/or read the transcript. But the video is a fine performance of reality show caliber. (Or “celebreality“, as VH1 is starting to bill some of its programming.)

Charlie Wear made some observations about Tom Cruise and Billy Graham, to which I added some comments:

In a time when feelings and impressions and attitudes are how people “judge” others, a little more so than the substance of what people say, Cruise’s attitude was most obviously at fault, and then also how he said what he said. Especially personal attacks on Matt Lauer not knowing what he’s talking about.

In contrast, when Larry King asked a pointed question to Billy Graham about people of other faith, Billy’s answer was (and, I quote verbatim from the CNN rush transcript): That’s in God’s hands. I can’t be the judge.

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