To be American you need to have religion

Here in a symposium on religious faiths, affiliations, and ethnicities. Fascinating talk just began w/ Russell Jeung. He made a provocative statement as I started blogging– “To be American, you need to have a religious identity.” “And, Asian Americans are the most unaffiliated religiously.”

I did wire up Russell with my digital voice recorder, so I should be able to post audio and perhaps even slides — over at the L2 blog. [update] both audio and slides now online >> — thanks Russell for granting permission; Russell wants to hear from you, so check out the presentation and add a comment!

Since I’m blogging from my Blackberry, and I forgot my tethering cable to cnx w/ my laptop, I can’t type as fast or as much as I’d like/want. Special tnx to Peter Ong for suggesting I can tether my laptop to my Blackberry Curve, and use my data plan as a mobile modem.

[+] Also, if you’re in the Los Angeles / Southern California area, come listen to Russell Jeung, who is giving 4 talks this weekend at Bread of Life in Torrance; the series is titled “Asian Americans in the Lions’ Den: A Study of Daniel“.

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  1. Peter says:

    thanks for the kudos! i am glad to help! bb [email protected]

  2. that’s pretty interesting. I’ll be listening to it when i get a little time. How long is the audio?

  3. djchuang says:

    Travis, good to hear of your interest. The running time on the audio is 42:17.