title matters and other meandering thoughts

[a lost entry reconstructed]

Call me a slow learner. Now it’s finally making some sense to me about the value of using a title. When I had started blogging in 1999,
I resisted using a title on my blog entries as much as I’d resisted
using titles for my sermons or articles. I resisted using other
conventional wisdom about communicating with alliterations or 3-points
or outlines or whatever. Now I am seeing why it is valuable, and why I
will use it on some occasions.

The title grabs the attention
of the potential audience, or to use my words, to provoke thought. With
more information coming at people from every direction all the time,
people have to develop their screening process, and selectively pay
attention to a few items. The title is useful for screening. A fitting
title can connect its content with its audience.

Towards the
end of my pastoring career, I’d do pretty good on the title, I’d have a
strong and engaging opening, but couldn’t figure out how to “land the
plane”. One explanation might be: I spent all my creative energy on the

One recurring question I get is whether I’d ever
return to pastoring. My answer: very unlikely. Church life is too slow
paced for me, and I’m realizing I need a regular pace of big changes,
and most churches aren’t the kind of place for that.

And, for those of you keeping score at home, my DSL exile is possibly coming to an end. End of next week, Friday 1/28 after 6pm is my new service ready date.

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