time delayed email

So as to not appear too eager to reply to an email, I’d like to compose an email and have it auto-sent on a future date/time. And, I’ve been weaning myself to check email only once an hour or less. This should help with (increasing) my productivity, (minimizing) distractability, and (waning) energy level.

There is such a function, already! I found the instructions for doing this in Microsoft Outlook [via: my Digital Life] – (yes, a little known secret):

In Microsoft Outlook, to enable delay sending of emails at a specified time and date later than current time, or postponing the delivery date and time, use following steps:

1. In the Message window (where you type your email content), click the Options button. Alternatively, click on View -> Options.
2. In the Message Options dialog window, select and tick the “Do Not Deliver Before” check box, under the Delivery Options. Then choose the desired send date and time to deliver the email by using the calendar and time drop down list.
3. Click Close and then click OK.

Made my day!

Also, found an add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird called Send Later, that can send a time-delayed email. [via: technobuzz]

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