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Revisited the website to Mars Hill Audio (a monthly subscription to audio journals about engagement with culture), which I had gotten tapes of in the past, and found GOLD: they’ve made available to their website visitors some of their bonus tracks (MP3 format), of extended interviews with select guests. Listen to some salient topics:

  • John Durham Peters on how the 19th century rise of new communications technologies was related to various forms of spiritualism
  • Ralph C. Wood on how Tolkien viewed the use and meaning of human language
  • Mark Noll on how the size of the North American continent affected its religious developments
  • Adrienne Chaplin on the place and responsibilities of Christian artists in their communities
  • C. Ben Mitchell, on why and how the Church should be more welcoming toward the elderly

I’m asking for permission to link them up in a podcast format for you all. If it turns out well, then you and I will be set!

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  1. susie says:

    thanks for this link. i am concerned about this gap in the church today…and am hopeing to generate some discussion at the upcoming nashville emergent convention. we are so quick to marginalize the “less than currently popular” be it elderly, women, minorities… and it is from these margins that there is so much to learn. shalom, susie